We’ll Make Your Parade Happen

Roadshows®, Inc. does everything except the marching!

We graduated from International Association of Fairs and Expositions Parade School, Anaheim, CA in 1995, and have been producing parades since 1986, some of which are:

Hot August Nights 1986 through 1995 (Producer)
Pasadena Rose Parade 2000 (Production team)
Hollywood Christmas Parade 2000 (Production team)
Doo Dah Parade 2000 (Production team)
Desert Storm Parade 1995 (Producer)
Street Vibrations Parade 2004 through 2007 (Producer)
Palm Springs Veterans Day Parade 2007 through 2012 (Staging Manager)
Palm Springs Black History Month Parade 2008 (Staging Manager)
Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade 2011 through 2012 (Staging Manager)
Milwaukee Rally Harley-Davidson Parade 2008 through 2010 (Co-producer)
Holidazzle Christmas Parade 2009 (Producer)
Rumble to the Summit Parade 2007 through 2009 (Co-producer)

Roadshows®, Inc. is bonded and licensed in the State of Nevada. Roadshows®, Inc. is prepared to buy all licenses and insurance, including general liability and workman’s comp as required. Furthermore, Roadshows®, Inc. will contract an assistant parade manager from your city or organization. This assistant manager will be available on a daily basis from the date of contract acceptance. Roadshows®, Inc. will solicit applications for employment and proposals for subcontractors and sub consultants for work associated with the proposed contract from local residents and firms as opportunities occur and hire qualified local residents and firms whenever feasible.